General Trading Conditions

Valid from the 1st. November, 2011

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following conditions apply to our present and future deliveries and performances. These general trading conditions (further GTC only) are considered to be accepted before the acceptance of the goods. The customers purchasing conditions are hereby expressly rejected. Our quotations are conditional and our contracts and other agreements do not become binding until confirmed by us in writing (our invoice is a confirming contract).

Unless any other agreements exist, our prices are strictly net Ex-work Praque prices; excluding packing, insurance, transports costs and VAT. For new customers, with headquarters in the EU, who wish to exercise the deduction of the VAT, we require a document confirming the registration of the business and paying of the VAT. In case of heavy and bulky parcels we make an individual calculation of the shipping costs. Unless agreed differently the goods are sent only after the receipient agrees on the final price. Due to the cost of handling orders, PJ Novak s.r.o. requires a minimum order size of EUR 100.

In case of a first order from new customer, the goods will be delivered C.O.D. (cash on delivery) or payment in advance. In established business relations the payment is done on the basis of an invoice sent or given to the customer after the delivery of the goods. The delay of payment of the invoice is 14 days. If this delay is not kept, our costumer is bound to pay a 0.05% fee of the invoiced amount for every day that is overrun. Until the moment when the entire payment is done the goods remain in possession of the supplier.
Deliveries are settled right after receiving your order, their settlement is limited by the current offer on the stock.Therefore for the export deliveries please wait with your payment for our invoice. The invoice serves as a confirmation of the purchase agreement. The dates of delivery we propose are unbinding. Main acts, strikes or other unforeseen causes which are acting on the manufacture, supply or transport of the goods ordered beyond our control, entitle us to withdraw partially or totally our engagement for supply without entitling the orderer to be indemnified.
DELIVERY CONDITIONS for EU-countries (With exception of the Czech republic and Slovakia)
If the value of your order exceeds 250,- EUR and the weight of your order is lower than 5kg, no shipment costs are charged. If the value of your order is lower than 250 Eur, we charge a fixed fee of 15Eur.
Personal withdrawal of goods: The goods can be collected only by a person charged to do so by the owner of the company or by its statutory body. This person must identify itself by a valid ID card or a valid passport.
Delivery via shipping services: The goods can be sent to the client via the Czech post or a forwarding agent. In case of very heavy consignements the goods will be delivered via a special forwarding agent. The price is determined by the price list of the shipping agent, to date at the day of order and will be proposed to you in our invoice confirmation.
DELIVERY CONDITIONS Export to non- EU countries
Individual calculation of shipping costs is done with regard to the weight of the goods and the place of delivery. Unless agreed differently the goods are sent only after the receipient agrees on the final price.
The danger of damage on goods is tranfered to the buyer at the moment when he takes over the goods. If he does not take them over in the time delay proposed by the seller he violates the purchase agreement. If the seller has to, according to the agreement, hand over the goods to a transporter, in a particular place, the danger of damage on goods gets transferred onto the buyer by the hand over at that particular place.
Our goods should be inspected on receipt (the number of parcels, damages to the box etc.) according to the carriage document and any incomplete or damaged parcel should be refused.The customer has to immediately inform us about any incomplete or damaged consignments on the email address: write up a damage report with the transporter and send it within 24 hrs, by fax or email, to our company. Without written notification guarantee from the transporter, any compensation claims are invalid.
The goods delivered outside the Czech republic can only be returned after a mutual agreement.
The use of products like cleaning materials, stain removers, sprays,chalks,..., supplied by us is on risk of the buyer. The buyer is bound before using these products supplied by us to examine these in all cases resp. to make trials whether these products are suitable for the intended purpose. If this is not done, no claims for compensation can be made.Goods included in our offer such as spare parts (bobbins, knives, ...) are not in some cases original products of a certain brand but their quality and function fully satisfy the conditions required.
Legal relations between the seller and the buyer which are not explicitly modified by these GTC or an agreement between the seller and the buyer confirm to the Czech law. An individual agreement with the buyer is superiour to these conditions.Settling place and competency of court is Prague,Czech republic for both parties,also if the sale or supply was executed from another place.

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