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Disappearing pen violet+eraser

42,00 Kč

Marks disapears in 14 Days or immediately with Eraser.Disappearing time of PINK, VIOLET and WHITE COLOR INK varies by difference of writing pressure, writing material, temperature, humidity, etc. Do not pack and seal in a bag before the markings are completely erased out. The markings shall stay longer if there is not sufficient air ventilation. If the marked materials are piled up before the markings are completely erased out, the markings shall stay longer on the materials. Do not use any Solvent nor Chemicals. Blue ink does not wash the cloth with soapy water before you erase the ink. Please use an iron after the marking are completely erased out. ( Except Chako WHITE-A ) Our ink is nontoxic. Please try with a waste cloth cutting before use

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Made in Japan

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